Holdup Suspender Company is product to be an American manufacturer of USA flag pattern suspenders.

 Show off your patriotism with a tasteful and practical pair of Holdup Flag pattern suspenders at work or play. Regardless of your political affiliations wearing USA Flag Suspenders when voting in 2012... shows all your a patriot.! Below you'll find 5 styles of Holdup Flag suspenders priced from $21.95 to $43.95 all with our Unique no-slip suspender clips.

American Flag suspenders from Holdup Suspender CompanyThe 2x4 Jumbo Clip Line-Contractor Series suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working mans pants. Show off your your pride in being an American worker!! With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers and tool-pouch it's hard to keep them up with just a ordinary belt. These wider contractor suspenders are specially designed with wider elastic straps and our exclusive jumbo silver/chrome no-slip clip to assure your Always Up with maximum comfort.   All materials are carefully chosen for elasticity, durability and come with a Limited Time clip guarantee that they'll never slip -slide or Pop Off your pants.

These heavy duty USA Flag suspenders are a favorite with Bikers and Voting Patriots in these all important election years. Buy one of these "OLD GLORY" American flag 2" wide suspenders below for only $23.95.

USA wide Flag Suspenders from Holdup Suspender Co

2" wide Old Glory suspender with JUMBO Clip in silver Finish:
Back style:
X only
  Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)great price -$23.95 ea
OLD GLORY Flag Suspenders

The narrower 1-1/2" wide "Stars & Stripes" Classic series Holdup suspenders come with Silver finished length adjusters and clips in X-Back style only with logo crosspatch. Both have Top Grade Brown Leather crosspatches with embossed Holdup logo. These also sell for only $21.95.

Classic series Holdup suspenders in USA Flag pattern

"Stars & Stripes" pattern Holdups in 1-1/2" width with unique Silver no-slip suspender clips
X-Back style and Qty:

Designer Series- "AMERICA" the USA Flag pattern suspenders feature our patented- no slip clip. Great for office or casual wear with a choice of Y or X-back styles and gold or Silver finished length adjuster and no-slip clips.

American Flag pattern Holdup suspenders selling for $32.95

If you need a pair of 1 1/2" wide flag suspenders for work and play then we'd always suggest a pair of these traditional single clip Holdup Flag Suspenders that sell for $32.95. Choose Gold or Silver Clip finish and X or Y BACK black leather crosspatch style choices below when ordering this pair of patriotic USA flag pattern suspenders with washable fabric.

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America $32.95
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Choose one no-slip Clip Finish: Goldor Silver
Back style:
Y-or X-
back Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)

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Holdup Suspender Company presents the Double-Ups™ in a "USA FLAG"  pattern men's suspender featuring dual newly designed no-slip Patented suspender clips on black leather tabs. Our top of the line USA Flag Suspender!

The "America" suspenders make a great Fathers day or any occassion gift ofr all USA patriots.

This traditional style mirrors the look of "button on" suspenders worn since Sal Herman modeling the new America Double-Upsthey were first invented. Sal Herman, the President of Holdup Suspender, worked for years to perfect these stunning braces very popular with TV news anchors -doctors -politicians and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders ...now you can easily attach your   Double-Ups™ to your entire wardrobe of pants in a snap. Get the aesthetic look of "Old Style button-on" braces with the convenience and ease of our no-slip clips. These are just as great with blue jeans or dress pants for both a casual and dressy office look.

These are great for office or casual wear when you need to make a "Proud to be an American" political fashion statement! The DU-America flag suspenders have top grade black leather tabs and our logo embossed on the doubled stitched crosspatch. Great as a birthday, Father's Day, Veteran"s Day or 4th of July gift.  Exclusive design feature of these suspenders is we eliminate the proverbial "waistband rollover" caused by button-on braces, which pull at the middle of the waistband as shown in this picture. The elegant new Double-Ups support the pant from the waistband top eliminating this unsightly problem. In stock now for $43.95 ea in the AMERICA USA flag pattern with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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American Flag Double-UP suspenders with black leather crosspatch
$43.95 ea in dual clip with black leather trim

DOUBLE-UP America Flag suspenders Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black crosspatch & no-slip clips
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $43.95

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 How about USA Flag pattern suspenders with wider 2" USA made straps in the Hip-Clip Trucker suspender 2 clip style for 23.95??? Perfect for wearing to parades, when voting or just showing your a Patriot!

Trucker style 2 side clip USA flag pattern suspenders are made in the USA by Holdup Suspender Company

USA flag pattern wide suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company in the Trucker 2 side clip style for 23.95

Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95  Hip-Clip USA flag:
2" wide with 2 Jumbo Silver no-slip clips  Qty: $23.95

Holdup Suspender Company founder Sal Herman knows from first hand experience God Bless America and give you the freedom to take advantage of the American opportunity to excel.that America is the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. Born in Europe, and a teenage immigrant to the USA, He's well aware that this IS the land of opportunity for ALL taking pride in earning their American citizenship. Small wonder he's appalled there are any "USA Haters" out there who are so quick to blame America first for every evil visited upon mankind by natural geographic and cultural inequities.

In America you can freely recognize a need and design a business around a viableNew USA Flag Suspenders..see larger view solution to any problem. Witness hearing loss, due to workplace noise exposure and poor hearing test procedures, Sal developed the IPS self-contained motor home hearing labs now operating in 5 Midwestern industrial states for over 25 years. Seeing that all existing pant suspender clips were inferior products... he designed and Patented a clip that's guaranteed to never slip -slide or fly off your pants. He's a proud American knowing he's doing his part as a Grandfather in making his kids aware that this the most generous, caring, nation and people on Earth.

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Wider Work and Hunting Holdup suspenders come with Black or Nickel plated metal no-slip jumbo clips or the new Plastic Gripper Clasp. All have X-back crosspatch embossed with Holdup Logo in a variety of style/color choices...

  1. Contractor Series 2" wide work suspenders in 8 solid Colors and US Flag or Rainbow of Colors patterns... $23.95
  2. Tradesman Series are 2" wide w/Silver clips, X-back Brown leather crosspatch in 7 colorful skilled trades patterns ... $23.95
  3. Industrial Series heavy duty work suspenders in 3 colors have non-elastic straps, silver jumbo clips and brown leather X-back logo crosspatch. $23.95
  4. Outdoorsman Series are 2" wide hunting suspenders in 4 camouflage patterns, shadow Black or bright Hunter Orange with black leather crosspatch and black jumbo Metal or Plastic clips... priced from $23.95 to 26.95
  5. Wide Hip-Clip™ Trucker Style Series slip on like a backpack and attach with 2 silver Jumbo no-slip side clips ..... $23.95
  6. XL wide suspenders for the Big & Tall man have longer 2" wide black or tan straps, leather X-back crosspatch and metal jumbo clips or Plastic Gripper Clasps... $26.95

Exclusive Hold-Downs biker bootstraps from Holdup Suspender CompanyMotorcyclist demand quality apparel products made to last under extreme conditions. We offer an exclusive design Biker Bootstrap to holdup down your jeans when riding the highways.

Holdup Biker Suspenders have the exclusive Jumbo black No-slip clips with locking center pin in Flame and Skull & Crossbones patterns . Our Biker suspenders are 2" wide and sell for $23.95...

Other suspenders choices for the bigger taller man include the side clip "Trucker styles" Hip-Clip line which attaches with just 2 No-slip metal or plastic Gripper Clasps...

Trucker style side clip suspenders we call Hip-Clips come in 1 1/2" or 2" widths selling from 21.95 to 23.95



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