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Finally a quality USA made suspender line designed for Guys & Gals from inner city youths to multi-millionaire Actors and Rock Star performers. Priced from only $17.95 to $26.95 you too can afford to change the look of any outfit in your closet. All Holdup USA made elastic strap materials are carefully chosen for long lasting color fast durability. 

an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)Holdup's -Urban Youth Clip Suspenders in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths  all have these common features:

  • Unique USA made polyester elastic strapping in various widths specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch. All come with our patented "No Slip Suspender Clip" in a silver Nickel plated finish. No matter how much you spend, the net result will never equal the comfort and convenience of a pair of Holdup clip-on suspenders!

  • The 3/4" and 1" wide models suspenders have a Y or X-back leather crosspatch embossed with our Holdup Logo in either black, brown or white top grade leather.

  • 1/2" wide suspender straps also have silver clips but have a metal X-backPatented No-slip Clips with locking center pin and metal length adjuster come in triple plated Gold or Chrome/Silver finish.

 Dancers, singers, actors, fashion savvy Gals, and anyone seeking a trendy new fashion look now have colorful choices in Holdup Urban Youth Suspenders made shorter and skinnier for Girls, Guys and Teens seeking a cheap wardrobe makeover at the snap of a clip...

Buy several pair in colors & Patterns. Have some fashion fun!

Click Urban Youth Series suspenders in various width and styles below, or at side navigation, to start the interactive slideshow!

Urban Print Series $21.95 in popular B/W checkered pattern and the 1 We have 8 Patterned USA made elastic colorfast straps with black leather Y or X-back crosspatch for urban teens and Goth/Rave dance fans. Y-back white leather Holdup embossed crosspatch shown on these white and lilac color girls suspenders for $18.95 Girls & Guys wear these Skinny suspender straps, with patented no-slip Holdup suspnder clips, in 11 solid colors with all typews of casual outfits Model for shown wearing the Urban Print Series Skull & Crossbones suspenders with X-back option All 8 colorful Urban Prints Series Holdup suspenders have 1 Urban Burgundy color Holdups for Gals and Guys have brown leather double stiched crosspatch with Holdup logo in X-back otion and black leather in Y-back option. Get strapped in these 1 Checks, patterns and solids in various width from the Holdup Suspender Company's exclusive line of suspenders made for teens and Girls Wear our Urban Youth suspenders in patterns or soild colors with skirts, shorts, pants and theatrical costumes Singer ANI Patterson wears glitter outfits with her Black or White metalic glitter Urban Youth thin suspenders that sell for 26.95 Paul McCartney in Red or White skinny Holdups.. 1/2

All Urban Youth single clip series Holdup suspenders come with Silver finished length adjusters and patented silver/chrome no-slip clips. This Urban Solid model has a choice of X or Y-Back styles with top grade leather crosspatch.

Urban Youth Solid Series $18.95: Get ready for our traditional single no-slip patented clip attached to a thinner 3/4" wide suspender strap. TheseSkinny suspenders made shorter for the Gals look great are made with USA poly-blend elastic fabrics in  popular solid colors. Urban Youth Holdups are adjustable up to a 42" length and are perfect for the trendy fashion conscious teenager. Girls will love the fact that the Leather crosspatch centers in their back, and length adjusters make the suspender straps adjust for heights from 5' to almost 6 foot tall Guys & Gals. Quality Theatrical, Dance and trendy fashion Suspenders for Gals and Urban teens are no longer impossible to find. Try a pair on now!

Priced at $18.95 these are also a real bargain too. Get creative and make an immediate fashion statement to your peer group as shown in these images. Perfect for both the Urban male, or female, seeking both a trendy style and comfort unmatched by those blah belts.

Hispanics and African American Urban youths join up withNarrow Urban Youth suspenders for men Holdup Urban series narrow suspenders for girls are $18.95the fashion designers and modeling agencies to set industry trends. Well suspenders are back in style, and Holdup Suspender's add a new look to your casual wardrobe... with just the snap of a clip!

The internet fashion forums are buzzing with trendsetters seeking a source for these skinnier suspenders in solid colors to be worn with a variety of shorts, jeans, shirts and pants. Let your own fashion creativity take off with these new Urban Youth series Holdups that sell for $18.95 ea. All orders over $75 automatically receive free UPS ground freight, when shipped to USA destinations, by our secure shopping cart. 

Holdup's Thin 3/4" Urban Youth Series all have SILVER clips and Brown leather crosspatch in X-Back style, or Black Leather crosspatch in Y-Back style. They sell for $18.95.... CLICK HERE.

 These links go to various styles of Urban Youth suspenders


1/2" Skinny Urban Straps in 11 solid colors metal wire X-back.... $17.95


3/4" thin Urban Solids also in 11 colors with choice or Y or X-back leather crosspatch... $18.95


3/4" Urban Formal Glitter suspenders in Gold, Black or Silver with Black leather Y or X-back crosspatch... $26.95


1" wide Urban Prints Series in 8 pattern choices and black leather Y or X-back styling...  $21.95


Holdup Urban Formal Series white Glitter suspenders in X-back choice look great with any outfit Black metalic glitter USA made elastic 3/4" wide straps and black leather embossed logo crosspatch make these a favorite with movie stars and stage or concert entertainers
Gold Urban Glitter formal suspenders with Gold no-slip clips and length adjuster

All Glitter Holdup Urban Formal Suspenders have Y or X-back black Leather Crosspatch... Wear these shimmering and Glittering Holdup skinny suspenders with Jeans -pants -shorts -Skirts and Dance costume outfits guaranteed to get you noticed... price $26.95 (Gold, Silver, Black) Urban Formal Glitter order page

 Urban Print Series Patterned 1" wide Suspenders

Urban Prints Series Holdups have 8 colorful patterns in a 1" wide USA made elastic strap with silver no slip clips and black leather Y or Xback crosspatch

TOTALLY UNIQUE Urban Prints- Something entirely new in men's and women's pattern suspenders. These 1" wide Urban Youth suspenders are made to make for a trendy fashion statement. Dressing up with these is an inexpensive way to set off any type outfit when worn with shorts or jeans. For years our customer base included women and the shorter teenagers who wanted suspenders made just for them. Now Runway models and super star singers and actors worldwide are sporting our Patented clip-on pant Urban Youth suspenders in all types of creative ways. Wear them with jeans, dress pants, shorts and skirts.

The Skinny 1/2" suspender straps for Teens and fashion savvy Gals .. only $17.95.

Introducing the Skinny 1/2" wide Urban Solid Series Suspenders

Patented skinny Holdup suspenders for gals and guys in 10 solid color
11 color choices from 2 Pinks Suspenders, Lilac to skinny white, yellow, black, Grays to blues and more.. Click here for details

 Younger Guys look great in the thinner Holdup Suspenders. Beyonce wearing a Burgundy skinny Urban Solid Holdup suspender while shopping on Rodeo Drive

Buy several 1/2" pair in 11 Solid colors  ..and have some fashion fun changing your look!

***42" shorter X-back Ski-Ups for kids and Teens that sell for $20.95 can be found at our Companion MOBILE SMARTPHONE FRIENDLY website in their Ski-Ups collection in 3 colors... click here!


Holdup Suspender Company presents the Double-Ups™ FORMAL Series for the discriminating suspender wearer! 1" narrow FORMAL SERIES fine satin finish USA made elastic straps in 9 colors are now available in exclusive dual-clip Double-UPs style for $39.9.. Movie and Rock stars love wearing these stylish Formal Series Holdups...

1" wide satin finished Formal Series Double-Ups sell for $43.95 and come in 9 color choices

Choose from our Single “Finger-Clip” lines with X or Y back and metal clip finishRicj Chardonnay burgundy clip-on suspenders in a satin finish with Y or X-back choices choices priced from 26.95 to $32.95 including the narrow 1" wide satin finished Holdup Formal Series suspenders shown on right. Celene Dion, Madonna, Kid Rock and Paul McCartney put them to the test on stage.

We have expanded the wider Jumbo 2x4 Series Holdups to include Plastic Gripper Clasp Outdoorsman and electrician pattern and 2" wide Hip Clip models.

Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guaranteeTake a look at all the variety of Holdup Suspender models for guys and gals from the below links. Prices range from 17.95 to 60.00/pair. Remember you get free UPS or USPS freight on orders over $ continental USA destinations.


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Style choices by width and price

bullet 1/2" Skinny Urban Straps in 11 solid colors metal wire X-back.... $17.95
bullet 3/4" thin Urban Solids also in 11 colors with choice or Y or X-back leather crosspatch... $18.95
bullet 3/4" Urban Formal Glitter suspenders in Gold, Black or Silver with Black leather Y or X-back crosspatch... $26.95
bullet 1" wide Urban Prints Series in 8 pattern choices and black leather Y or X-back styling...  $21.95

Click to see slides of Urban Youth Series Holdup suspenders for Guys and Gals priced from $17.95...

1/2 Gt a wardrobe change with just the snap of a suspender clip using these thin clip-on suspenders just made for getting noticed Metalic Glitter suspenders in a 3/4 Y-back style with black leather crosspatch Urban Youth Series Holdup;s sell for 21.95 shown in burgundy color Gal at rave dances love these Black and white checkered flag suspenders are worn off your shoulders to show teens your not hooked up Urban Prints Series are 1 Y-back white leahter crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo are features along with IMS Suspender models holding various Urban Print suspenders The exclusibe center pin no-slip silver plated clips used on all Urban Youth Holdup suspenders for guys and Gals hold tight to pants no matter how hard you yank on them Urban Formal Series Holdups are 3/4 Singers like Celene Dion or ANI the Band love dressing up in glitter skirts and bloused to compliment these Glitter Formal Series Holdup's during concert shows IMS Model Sammie Cloninger shows off thewse dark Urban  Grey suspenders that have X-back style and Chrome plated no-slip clips for $17.95 Pastel Colored Girls Holdup suspenders in our Urban Youth series have white top grade leather Y or X-back crosspatch in light pink, Lilac purple, White or Shocking Pink color 3/4 Lovely Lilac light purple color girst suspenders with white Y-back white leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo sell for $18.95

Teenager's, Rock Stars, actors and fashion models just love wearing these fashionable suspenders

Thin fashionable Holdup suspenders for Gals and Teenage guys.
3/4" Urban Solids order page

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Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime Shoppers! Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web here for free 2nd day freight for Amazon Prime Members using the simple Amazon Prime checkout service.

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1/2" wide skinny Suspenders for Guys & Gals only $17.95 (11 colors)

Skinny Strap suspenders form Holdup Suspender company in 7 solid colors for $18.95 ea

Fancy 3/4" Glittering Holdups in 3 colors, Black Y or X-back leather crosspatch and Gold or silver clips... $26.95.. click here

Choose Gold, Black or Silver Glitter suspenders in our 3/4" narrow shorter sizes for girls and teens.

Single Finger Clip Holdup suspenders with back style and metallic clip finish options include these styles:

  1. Casual Series in 14 solid Colors... $26.95
  2. Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished colors... $32.95
  3. Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $32.95
  4. Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone patterns in complimentary  colors..... $32.95
  5. Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $32.95
  6. Classic Series are basic 1 1/2" Holdups with brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver clips... $21.95
  7. Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $32.95

Paul McCartney of Beatles fame loves wearing suspenders during recent performances

Formal 1" wide Series in satin finish color choices for $32.95 ea as worn by Beatle Paul McCartney at this years Oscar Awards

Tuxedo black formal series clip-on suspenders shown here with black leather X-back crosspatch option
Who said suspenders were Old Fashion?


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