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Buy several pair in colorful Patterns. Have some fashion fun!
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Urban Prints Series Holdups have 8 colorful patterns in a 1" wide USA made elastic strap with silver no slip clips and black leather Y or Xback crosspatch

TOTALLY UNIQUE Urban Prints- Something entirely new in men's and women's pattern suspenders. These 1" wide Urban Youth suspenders are made to make for a trendy fashion statement. Dressing up with these is an inexpensive way to set off any type outfit when worn with shorts or jeans. For years our customer base included women and the shorter teenagers who wanted suspenders made just for them. Now Runway models and super star singers and actors worldwide are sporting our Patented clip-on pant Urban Youth suspenders in all types of creative ways. Wear them with jeans, dress pants, shorts and skirts. on sale for $14.00 ea pattern while supply lasts.

Order:Urban Print Series Patterned 1" wide Suspenders for $23.95

URBAN YOUTH PRINT SERIES- Buy $75 of any Holdup Suspender items on the same order and automatically get FREE FREIGHT if you choose UPS ground as shipping option. Print series have BLACK LEATHER crosspatch with your choice of Y or X-Back styling with our Holdup logo embossed in the leather.

Urban Red Stars  #8817  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Narrower Urban Youth suspenders in black with red star pattern
Urban Red Stars clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
Choose Back style
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Urban Pink Checks #8812  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Narrow suspenders in black and pink checkers pattern
Urban Pink Checks clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
Back style choices:
Urban White Dots #8815  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
BGlack with white dots pattern narrow suspenders by Holdup Suspender Company
Urban White Dots clip& adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Red Checks #8811XS price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Red and black checkered patter 1 inch wide Holdup suspenders
Urban Red Checks clip& adjuster  Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Y-or X-
Urban Red Hearts  #8816  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Urban Youth narrow suspenders in Red and Black checkered print from Holdup Suspender Co.
Urban Red Hearts no-slip clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:

Urban Pink Dots #8814    price  $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Black with pink poka-dots narrow suspenders for fashion savvy gals
Urban Pink Dots clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:

Urban White Checks  #8813  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Black and white checkered pattern in narrow suspender for guys and gals
White Checks clip/adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
Urban Skull & Bones #8818  price $23.95 on sale for $14.00
Skull and Bones pattern 1" narrow suspenders for fashionable teens
clip & adjuster Finish: Silver
choose Back style:
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   IMS model Sammie wearing the Black & White checkered Holdup suspnders for Urban youth selling for 21.95

All Holdup suspenders for teens have the Chrome plated patented no-slip clips rather then cheap knock-off alligator clips that will never holdup to daily wear like our clips!! Click Urban Prints wide clip-on suspenders shown below or at side navigation to start the interactive slide show!

 Snap on a pair of Urban Youth Pattern suspenders for teens and change your look in seconds Red Stars on black USA made elastic 1 Silver/Chrome plated patented Holdup no-slip clips come with these Red star pattern suspnder popular with Urban youth and rock bands DSC_0255 Colorfast Skull and crossbones pattern Holdup suspenders shown with X-back crospatch option Urban Gals wear their designer pattern Holdup suspenders off their shoulders to signal guys they are unattached at dances and parties Y or X-back black leahter crosspatch at options when ordering these Print pattern Holdup suspenders adjustable to fit Gals or teenage guys Urban Youth PRINTS in 8 patterns make these suspenders a hit with trendy fashion teens Skull and Crossbones pattern suspenders look great on IMS model Sammie who loves changing her outfit's look with clip-on Holdup Suspenders Look great in a pair of these Skull & Crossbones pattern suspenders for teens and bikers Urban big City Youth love wearing our pattern and solid color Holdup suspenders made to fit gals and shorter teens

 These links go to various styles of Urban Youth suspenders


1/2" Skinny Urban Straps in 11 solid colors metal wire X-back.... on sale $12


3/4" thin Urban Solids also in 11 colors with choice or Y or X-back leather crosspatch... $20.95 and now on sale for only $12.50


3/4" Urban Formal Glitter suspenders in Gold, Black or Silver with Black leather Y or X-back crosspatch... $29.95 on sale for $18.00 while supply lasts

Finally a quality USA made suspender line designed for Guys & Gals from inner city youths to multi-millionaire Actors and Rock Star performers. The Urban Youth Line of Holdup Suspenders are priced from $17.95 to $26.95. So you too can afford to change the look of any outfit in your closet. All Holdup USA made elastic strap materials are carefully chosen for long lasting color fast durability. 

 Dancers, singers, actors, fashion savvy Gals, and anyone seeking a trendy new fashion look now have colorful choices in Holdup Urban Youth Suspenders made shorter and skinnier for Girls, Guys and Teens seeking a cheap wardrobe makeover at the snap of a clip...

 Gold Urban Glitter formal suspenders with Gold no-slip clips and length adjuster

All Glitter Holdup Urban Formal Suspenders have Y or X-back black Leather Crosspatch... Wear these shimmering and Glittering Holdup skinny suspenders with Jeans -pants -shorts -Skirts and Dance costume outfits guaranteed to get you noticed... price $29.95 on sale fro $18.00 ea (Gold, Silver, Black) Urban Formal Giltter order page


Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guaranteeTake a look at all the variety of Holdup Suspender models for guys and gals from the below links. Prices range from 12.95 to 60.00/pair. Remember you get free UPS or USPS freight on orders over $ continental USA destinations.


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Click to see slides of Urban Prints Series Holdup suspenders for Guys and Gals... $23.95..

 Shocking pink checkered or white dots shown with X-back black leather crosspatch in these Urban Youth Print suspenders for 21.95 Patented silver no slip clips allows you to attach these colorful pattern suspenders to jeans, shorts and shirts with ease Get noticed by clipping on these Black and white checked suspenders for teens from Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield MI These checkered Urban youth suspenders have patented Holdup clips thta hold tight for years of wear THese Pink and black checker board suspenders have the Y-back black leather crosspatch option Snap on a fashion wardrobe makeover using these Skull & Crossbones pattern suspenders made to fit fashion savvy gals and teens X-back skull and crossbones pattern Holdup Urban Youth suspenders have 1 Gal love playing dress up with these fashionable Urban Youth series patterned suspenders for 21.95 Worn with shorts or jeans these Skull and crossbones pattern Holdups look great on IMS model Sammie USA made colorfast elastic fabric strapping is used in all Holdup Urban Youth Prints line of suspenders selling for $20 Southfield Michigan warehouse of Holdup Suspender Company lets these models try on a variety of prints and solid color Urban Youth fashionable suspenders Brad shows off these Skull and Crossbones pattern suspenders thatta look great with jeans and t-shirts

Teenager's, Rock Stars, actors and fashion models just love wearing these fashionable suspenders

IMS model Sammie shows off these black and white checked urban youth suspenders made to fit gals and guys

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Style choices by width and price

bullet 1/2" Skinny Urban Straps in 11 solid colors metal wire X-back.... $17.95
bullet 3/4" thin Urban Solids also in 11 colors with choice or Y or X-back leather crosspatch... $18.95
bullet 3/4" Urban Formal Glitter suspenders in Gold, Black or Silver with Black leather Y or X-back crosspatch... $26.95

Fancy 3/4" Glittering Holdups in 3 colors, Black Y or X-back leather crosspatch and Gold or silver clips... $26.95.. click here

Choose Gold, Black or Silver Glitter suspenders in our 3/4" narrow shorter sizes for girls and teens.

Single Finger Clip Holdup suspenders with back style and metallic clip finish options include these styles:

  1. Casual Series in 14 solid Colors... $29.95
  2. Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished colors... $39.95
  3. Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $35.95
  4. Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone patterns in complimentary  colors..... $35.95
  5. Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $35.95
  6. Classic Series are basic 1 1/2" Holdups with brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver clips... $23.95
  7. Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $38.95
  8. Infant and small children's Holdup clip-on suspenders... PLUS mitten and hat clip straps.

Who said suspenders were Old Fashion?



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