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Specialty Holdup Suspender Company Products

Below you'll find some specialty products designed by Holdup Suspender company founder and inventor Sal Herman. You'll only find these for sale here on our web site as they find their way to specialty reseller stores. Check back here for new products using our exclusive Holdup no-slip clips.

Sheet Stay-Downs crisscross straps and sheet corner straps by Holdup Suspender Company
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Testimonial: Hi there Holdup Suspender Company,
I thought that I should bring this to your attention regarding the uniqueness of these sheet stay-ups.They are the only ones on the market (I tested many) that the tension adjustment is set after the clips are attached to the sheets. Because of this one person is able to attach your Stay-Down straps to the sheets without lifting the mattress. All the others have a metal locking adjuster, which has to be set prior to clipping it to the sheet. It is too hard to set the tension with the metal adjusters after the clips are attached unless some one else helps by lifting the mattress. Often the inferior clips pop loose or break. With your hook and loop type tension adjustment, the Gripper Clasps are attached while the soft elastic straps are loose... then tightened. With the others the strap has to be made shorter and attached while being taut, which makes it much harder for one person to attach. Hope this will lead to another Holdup product patent.  Carl & Silvia Wilson  Little Rock Al.

Securely Order Sheet Stay-Downs Kits below.

DUO (2 pack kit) Sheet Stay-Downs™  The Mattress Suspender strap that works...


 Longer Duo Model made to cross diagonally any size mattress with a Velcro type length/tension adjustment system on both ends. Each strap has 2 Patented Gripper Clasps. Buy several sets and share as gifts with friends.

Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $21.95/ Duo kit
Part # 9001SL
Click to enlarge the DUO Sheet Stay-Downs product summary image that sells for 21.95 in a 2 pack kit

Crisscrosses under any size mattress without lifting...

QUAD (4 pack kit) Holdup mattress corner strap Stay-Downs™ below. These also work to secure Crib sheets to prevent SID crib deaths due to suffocations caused by wetness barrier bedding.


sheet suspender straps made by Holdup Suspender companyShorter sheet Stay-Downs made to hold fitted sheet corners tight to mattress. Velcro type length adjuster and 2 tan color Gripper Clasps. Made to last a Limited Time of sleep comfort.
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $21.95/ Quad kit Part # 9001SS

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The QUAD shorter verson of the Sheet Stay-Downs is designed to attach and hold firm fitted sheets across the corners of any size bed.
Clasp sewn on one end with other end loose for length adjustment.

All Holdup purchases have a 30 day money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction and our secure shopping cart allows for UPS or Post Office shipping options.

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Instructions for using the 2 styles of Sheet Suspnder straps from Holdup Suspender company.

Motorized Hospital and regular bed sheet corner fasteners cure the problem of fitted sheets coming loose on the corners when raising or lowering motorized beds... see details

Holdup Suspender Company Hang-Ups©

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Sal Herman ,The Holdup Suspender Company founder, is at it again and invented, patented and now is selling the HangUp™ suspender hanger. These sell for $12.95. You can buy one an organize your entire clip-on suspender collection in one convenient place.

Holdup Suspender company introduces the HangUp suspender closet hanger.Easily organize and display your suspender collection with the HangUp hanger. Sal Herman, the President and founder of Holdup Suspender Company, loves inventing innovative products around his fashion passion... men's' suspenders. Loyal customers for years have asked himClick to see how your suspenders easily clip onto hangUp bar when He'll come up with a practical way to eliminate their closet clutter of suspenders. He was a victim too, as suspenders are a part of his daily wardrobe. The above photo shows off some of his Holdup Suspender collection showcasing the practical simplicity of his newly Patented HangUp™ suspender hanger.

Notice how the top grade wood & brass hanger has a special curved bar that automatically centers each suspender for easily picking just the right one for today's outfit. Occasionally its a business suit, but normally Sal prefers clipping on a pair of his patented Holdups to his ultra comfortable patented Sloops™ blue jeans. Casual attire is the norm at the family run Holdup Suspender Company. The solid brass swivel hook, on top of the hardwood base, just loops over any closet clothes hanger bar or on top of the closet door. Our registered logos are silk screened onto each HangUp suspender organizer. Buy one below!

HangUp™ suspender hanger in natural hardwood & brass designed for clip-on suspenders
Qty:  $12.95 ea
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These make great Holiday and men's birthday Gifts

Your HangUp order will be shipped within 2 business days along with any other Holdup Suspender Company product purchased during this shopping session. You can always view your secure shopping cart and adjust quantities, add or subtract items before final checkout.

Buy th exclusive suspdner hanger called a Hang-Up from Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Michigan

How about a limited Edition suspender designed for Golfers

Silver No-Slip patented Holdup suspender clipsThis is our "TEE TIME" theme limited edition patterned Holdups for golfers. TheseX-back black leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo feature Silver/Chrome patented no slip suspender clip and Black Leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup Logo. Great for showing off your love of PGA Golf at the country club, sports bar or in the office. Give this pair to that golfing buddy or golfer in your family. One of the 240+ styles of clip-on men's Holdup suspenders.  The exclusive Golf print in blues, greens and grays look great with golf slacks on the course or jeans & Khakis at work or play. All USA made materials are carefully chosen for durability and a pleasing colorfast Golfer pattern. If you need a pair of suspenders that are expected to perform like a PGA champion.. then we'd always suggest a pair of Holdup "Tee Time" Suspenders for you or a friend.  These cost $ 32.95 ea + freight... and ship by USPS priority mail or UPS freight with a 30 day money back guarantee. LIke all Holdups these are guaranteed to never slip-slide or fly off your pants. These Tee Time sports suspenders come only in X-Back style with silver/chrome finished no-slip clips with exclusive locking center pin.

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These Golf theme Tee Time patterned Holdups come with Black leather X-back crosspatch and leather tapered clip tab holders and Silver Patented no-slip clips for $20 Limited quantity available so place your order today .... click the add to cart button and buy before these are all gone!
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) On sale for only $20.00 each

 Holdup limited edition Tee Time Golf theme clip-on suspenders for that golfer in your family Tee Time gold theme clip on Holdup Suspnders for sale in limited quantities for 32.95
Click to enlarge Tee Time pattern suspenders on sale for $20 rather than for $32.95

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Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it! Check out our variety of Patented no-slip clips and the new plastic Gripper Clasps used on all our unique products.... You can buy these Holdup exclusives from this link for replacement suspender clips.

Holdup Suspnder Company makes the widest variety of suspender clips for retail and wholesale applications

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Specialty products sold by Holdup Suspender Company invented and designed to utilize our exclusive Holdup no-slip clips.

 Exclusive Hang-Up suspender hanger and and closet organizer for all your clip-on suspender collections

Top grade wood and brass suspender closet organizer ... we call a Hang-Up for $12.95

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Our customers and the boss all have many Hold-Up suspenders strewn about their closets. Now you have a way to hang them up with the snap of a clip so they're in one place. These keep them from getting creased with a rumpled look.

Other specialty products are the sheet Stay-Downs, and maternity Suspenders made from super soft elastic straps with nude color gripper clasps guaranteed not to slip, slide, or fly off maternity pants no matter how hard you pull on the straps....

Patented Maternity Hold-Ups made for holding up any maternity pants and shorts sell for 21.95

The Holdup no-slip clips in metal or plastic styles do make all the difference with customers used to the inferior holding power of the competitor suspender clips. You can purchase Holdup replacement clips in all the various styles, with qty discounts, right here.


New Stay-Downs™ fitted sheet suspenders

Holdup Suspender Company introduces the Sheet Stay-downs which secure any size fitted bed sheet

We now sell the Patent Pending Holdup Stay-Downs®, These are USA made sheet suspender Straps in 2 styles featuring our Gripper Clasp and Velcro type tension adjuster system. See order form at the left side of page.

The Holdup difference is our patented clips that are used exclusively in the Holdup Brand Suspenders... click here to buy our special no-slip clips or composite Gripper Clasps in various sizes. Use them to replace broken clips on any brand of suspenders or email us a new usage idea.

Special Limited edition TEE TIME Golfing theme clip-on Holdup suspenders.. $32.95

Blue on Green 1 1/2" wide Golf pattern limited edition Holdup Suspnders called Tee Time in X-back with silver clips

Slapsho Hockey suspenders
Pro basketball themed suspenders from Holdup
football.gif (7659 bytes)
Sports Series Suspenders

Perfect suspenders to wear to the political rallies and on voting days

USA Flag Suspenders for Patriots in 5 styles

The Hold-Up Suspender Company Products are invented by our founder ... Sal Herman. Check out these practical ideas for holding up your pants at this new retail sales web site.


Click to enlarge Ski-Ups© photos. Click here for Ski-Ups® detail purchase page.

Ski-Ups are made to be worn with all types of snow pants and sell for $21.95.

If your into skiing, and other winter snow sports, you'll really appreciate the practical Patented design of the newest line of Holdup Suspenders called Ski-Ups™.

Holdup Under-Ups in multiple styles in black now on sale here with free Freight offer

2" All Black Hip-clip Under-Ups shown below.. click here





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