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This page showcases newly introduced Holdup Suspender Company products that utilize our patented Holdup no-slip clips or the new Patented composite Gripper Clasps. Meanwhile look over all this new site's features and navigation aids..... We are trying to offer our loyal customers a more visually exciting web site so book make this one.

Holdup Suspender Company lainches a re-designed more modern looking ecomerce website at

Our webmaster site designer worked for over a year taking new more detailed Holdup suspender photos and developing a improved site search engine. The search box at top and bottom of any page allows existing customers to immediately find any of our 250+ styles by typing in their preferred general or unique Holdup color (Verde Green, Cherry Red, Shadow Black). From Holdup paper catalog type in a style (Jacquard Double-Up - Undergarment - Nobuzz  -Outdoorsman Series - Leather Series - etc.) and the 1st page result links will likely match what your looking for... try it an save specific product navigation time on all Holdup web sites. 

Download our latest > Holdup products paper catalog.. click here!

Also at the top of all pages is a main product pull down navigation button taking you to a overview page with a visual slideshow display of the various style choices of 1. Dual Clip Double-Ups or 2. The Jumbo clip 2" wide work and hunting suspenders or 3. Single Finger Clip Series with options for Y or X-back style an no-slip clip metal finishes. (press F5 or refresh browser to restart slideshow)

Detailed Double-Up Series product image slideshow showing style feature collage linked to detailed ordering page
Above Double-Ups Series page has linked Style choice product collages in a slideshow

Detail ordering pages have color or pattern pull down forms to select what to place in the familiar secure Holdup Shopping cart, used without fail since 1997. We slimmed down these clip-on suspender pages to make more room for individual detailed product slides so you see what you'll get when opening your shipment.

Order page style selection pull-downs and linked single or slideshow product images

At the bottom of every page at are the various expandable Holdup styles navigation buttons for single or dual clip models and also specialty product links for new items like fitted sheet Stay-Downs™ -Stripes - Leather Holdups -Maternity Suspenders - Biker suspenders and more..... Lot's of product links in a smaller space.

Bottom of page navigation aids link to all the various styles of Holdup Suspender Company patented products

Navigate through the new site and let us know how we can improve this one to simplify shopping suspenders for our treasured repeat customers....

Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap.

USA made Holdup Top Grade Leather Suspenders in 4 exclusive styles now shipping from our Southfield Michigan warehouse.

*** New in 2014 are these Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your formal shirt tails taunt and eliminate the shirt billowing at your waist. Click to see details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail straps) are the simple way to keep dress, Tuxedo and uniform shirts tightly in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... 

New dress shirt tail straps we call Shirt Stay-Downs keep your shirt tails tucked in and prevent billowing at the waistline.

IN 2013 Sal Herman teams up with Larry King to make a limited edition Larry King signature series suspenders in 4 jacquard weave colors. (Black -Burgundy- White - Red)  These are collector suspenders as they have Larry's signature embossed in leahter crosspatch. They will eventually sell out due to there being only one manufacturing run per color and can't be duplicated.

Larry King Signature series Holdup suspnders in burgundy and black for $54.95 White checked pattern Larry King Signature Series Holdup suspnders for $54.95 

Larry King Signature Series dual clip Double-Ups are sold on this page for $54.95..CLICK HERE.

The Outdoorsman Line of 2" wide work and hunting suspenders now have option for Plastic Strong Gripper Clasps or the jumbo metal no-slip clips. Holdups Outdoorsman Series in 4 camouflage patterns, or shadow Black and bright Hunter Orange with black leather crosspatch are priced from $23.95 to 26.95

Wider Work and Hunting Holdup suspenders come with Black or Nickel plated metal no-slip jumbo clips or the new Plastic Gripper Clasp in a variety of HD wide style choices linked below...

  1. Contractor Series 2" wide work suspenders in 8 solid Colors and US Flag or Rainbow of Colors patterns... $23.95
  2. Tradesman Series are 2" wide w/Silver clips, X-back Brown leather crosspatch in 7 colorful skilled trades patterns ... $23.95
  3. Industrial Series heavy duty work suspenders in 3 colors have non-elastic straps, silver jumbo clips and brown leather X-back logo crosspatch. $23.95
  4. Outdoorsman Series are 2" wide hunting suspenders in 4 camouflage patterns, shadow Black or bright Hunter Orange with black leather crosspatch and black jumbo Metal or Plastic clips... priced from $23.95 to 26.95
  5. Wide Hip-Clip Trucker Style Series slip on like a backpack and attach with 2 silver Jumbo no-slip side clips ..... $23.95
  6. Motorcycle Suspenders and Hold-Down Boot Straps 2" wide Flame or Skull & Crossbones patterns, black leather crosspatch and jumbo clips... $23.95
  7. XL wide suspenders for the Big & Tall man have longer 2" wide black or tan straps, leather X-back crosspatch and metal jumbo clips or Plastic Gripper Clasps... $26.95

Single Clip Holdup suspenders with back style and metallic clip finish options include:

  1. Casual Series in 14 solid Colors... $26.95
  2. Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished colors... $32.95
  3. Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $32.95
  4. Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $32.95
  5. Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone patterns in complimentary  colors..... $32.95
  6. Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $32.95
  7. Classic Series are basic Holdups with brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver clips... $21.95
  8. Introducing USA made clip-on suspenders in small sizes for kids of all ages. Holdup Suspender Company manufacturers thes clip-on suspenders in small sizes for infants, toddlers and the K through 12 school age kids. The Children's Collection of Holdups all feature our patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in red, blue or black. We offer these in various widths from 1/2" to 1 1/4" wide USA made suspender straps. Kids suspenders in 24", 30" , 36" or 42" lengths are made to fit all age groups. We also offer Mitten and Baby Bib clips, and Mit-n-Straps priced from $8.95 to 19.95.

Making a trip to the airport doesn’t feel so exciting for most people these days. This is partly due to the long lines at security checkpoints. IDs must be checked, personal items must be x-rayed, and you have to go through a body scanner before you can head over to your plane’s flight gate. While security is one of the most important features of an airport, no one enjoys the lines. Consider utilizing our “No Buzz” suspenders to help you get through the airport security checkpoint much more quickly.

Holdup Ski-Ups suspenders for all Snow sports sized for adults and teens
Click to see our Ski-Ups line of snow sports suspenders for adults and teens

All Holdup Suspender Products carry a 30 day money back guarantee Suspenders made to not trigger metal dectors are popular with frequent airline travelers


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