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Forget those cheap Tuxedo rental suspenders and purchase something you'll be proud to be seen in. You owe yourself a pair of black or white formal Silk Double-Up suspenders....

Securley order black or white Double-Up Silk Series suspenders from this page whick sell for $48.95

Innovation in a Formal Wear Suspender comes from combining Tubular Tie Silk with our Patented Double-Ups™ men's suspender technology. These are the finest Black or White Tuxedo or business suit suspenders we've ever manufactured. They feature top grade black leather tabs and our embossed logo on the Y-back style crosspatch.

Great as a birthday, wedding, Fathers day or special occasion gift.  All USA made materials durability and color fast dyes. If you need a pair of formal suspenders that perform year after year.. then we'd always suggest a pair of these all silk Holdup Suspenders.

These traditionally styled men's braces mirror the look of "button on" suspendersTHe perfect gift for the Groom and Best man are these white silk Tuxedo suspenders designed for a lifetime of formal events worn since they were first invented. Sal Herman, the President of Holdup Suspender, worked for years to perfect these stunning braces very popular with TV anchormen -doctors -businessmen -students and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders you can easily attach your  Double-Ups™ to your entire wardrobe of pants in a snap. Get the aesthetic look of "Old Style button-on" braces with the convenience and ease of our no-slip suspender clips. These black or white suspenders make a real fashion statement, and perfect gift for all the men in the wedding party.

Holdup Suspender Company of Southfield Mi is proud of our no hassles- no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. These black or white silk suspender braces definitely make the perfect Father's Day or wedding party gift and come with a matching Y-back leather crosspatch color!

Holdup black silk tuxedo suspenders are the perfect clip-on deluze suspender for wearing at weddings or company parties

Price of the Ebony Black Silk suspender is also $48.95  Use the  PayPal or any major credit card using our speedy secure shopping cart program. You can adjust Qty , add items anytime during the checkout process. These Ebony Black pattern silk suspenders have a elastic black back strap for a more comfortable fit.

#0010 EBONY Black faint etched squares in a 100% silk USA made strap.

Y-back Black Leather crosspatch - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $48.95 ea
The Perfect formal All Black Suspenders for weddings and dress up fancy parties..

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New checkered patter black silk formal suspenders are offered only by the Holdup Suspender Co.

The Double-UPs "EBONY" black silk series are in stock now for only $48.95/ea. These definitely make the perfect Father's Day or wedding party gift for the Groom and Best man! You can adjust quantities, add or delete items in our shopping cart before final checkout. Credit Cards, Google Checkout and Paypal accepted. Order Ebony Black silk Holdups above...

Ebony Black silkk Holdup Fromal suspenders with patented no-slip black clips Ebony black on black solid tie silk suspenders for formal occassions are a favorite gift for men at weddings

New in 2016 is this Alabaster White 100% pure tie silk tuxedo suspender with a muted connecting Links Pattern featuring a White Y-back embossed logo crosspatch. You can order one of these white on white silk pant suspenders below for $48.95 and get a 30 day 100% satisfaction refund guarantee.

White tie formal occassions demad these white silk braces   White leather crosspatch on these silk with on white pattern Holdup suspenders

Buy the Links Pattern white silk Double-Up suspenders below for only $48.95 and forget about wearing cheap Tuxedo Shop suspenders to that next special event. Great Groom gift too.

an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)Click for large view of the white on white silk tuxedo suspenders with white leather triman_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)
#0012 Alabaster white Connecting Links pattern silk braces. Click the thumbnail images above for detail view of the white silk LINKS patters Double-Up Braces

White Leather Y-back crosspatch with Gold-toned length adjusters and black no-slip clips. This white on white links pattern silk Double-Up suspenders have a 30 day money back guaranty.

Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) price is $48.95

White silk Holdup Suspenders with faint connecting LINKS pattern and white leather Y-back crosspatch look great with a white Tuxedo

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  Regardless of whether your wearing these silk formal suspenders with a Tuxedo or a business suit, they will always be up for any occasion. Forget those cheap Tuxedo rental pair and purchase something you'll be proud to be seen in. You owe yourself a pair of 100% tie Silk Double-Ups.

  • Exclusive design feature of these suspenders is we eliminate the proverbialDouble-up legal braces are made in the USA from top quality materials and carry a 30 day money back guarantee. "waistband rollover" caused by button-on braces, which pull at the middle of the waistband as shown in this picture. The elegant new Double-Ups™ support the pant from the waistband top eliminating this unsightly problem. The length Adjuster and tab rings are triple plated in a gold tone for that powerful business look. All Patented beveled no-slip suspender clips are black powder coated polished metal with plastic fabric gripper so they won't fray pant fabrics.

  • The new patent pending Holdup clip has smoother edges and a more angled lockdown clip cam. This feature all but eliminates the accidental popping open the clasp when sitting down on furniture or car seats. The slightly smaller no-slip clip has the needle sharp cloth locking center pin which prevents slipping -sliding or fraying of any material

  • Only the best USA milled materials specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch are used in our Double-Up suspender models. All come with top grade matching Black leather clip tab holders that vary in size and taper front to back for comfort and fastening convenience.

“Smart fashion with the snap of a clip” ..... nothing else is needed! Where these with your blue jeans, casual slacks or a business suit, you'll get noticed when wearing a pair of Holdup Double-Up Suspenders... priced from 37.95

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Click on Double-Up SILK Series slides below for detail views these back or white silk Tuxedo braces

Black 100% tie silk Holdup suspenders have a faint paisley pattern and black logoed Y-back crosspatch Y-back Tuzedo black formalk silk suspender made in the USA from Holdup Suspender Company
 Back USA made elastic strap is for adjustable comfort on these 100% silk formal suspenders Patented dual black no-slip clips on these Holdup black silk suspender braces
 Double-up black silk suspenders from Holdup Suspender Co sell for 48.95 Choose eithe White Alabaster silk in links pattern or the Ebony black paisley pattern and look shark at the next party.
 Silk Double-Ups from Holdup Suspnder company come in balck or white and make great wedding party gifts White leather Y-back crosspatch in these white 100% tie silk Holdup suspenders
 Patented slant face no-slip black clips on these Alabaster White silk Holdup suspenders White leather Y-back style crosspatch is enbossed with Holdup logo on these $45 silk Double-Up model suspenders
 Formal suspenders in white Alabaster links pattern silk with white elastic backstrap for comfort adjustable fit White Alabaster white silk Holdup Silk series suspenders sell for 454.95
 White formal tuxedo silk suspenders are perfect for wedding gifts to the groom and best man Top quality USA made white 100% silk suspnder braces attach at waistband with black no-slip Holdup clips
 The best white silk suspenders money can buy are made in the USA by Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield MI Buy a pair of Holdup white silk formalwear suspenders for $48.95

Formal wear white silk Holdup suspenders are made in the USA from the finest tie silks and elastic backstrap

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Tuxedo black silk Holdups

Dual Clip Double-Up Style Holdup suspenders come in 7 distinct style choices. Click links below to see detail ordering pages on additional Double-Up styles:

  1. Double-Up Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished solid colors... $43.95
  2. Double-Up Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $43.95
  3. Double-Up Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $43.95
  4. Double-Up Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone complimentary colors..... $43.95
  5. Double-Up Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $43.95
  6. Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap. Leather Double-Upstyle sell for $60 per pair.

Holdup Black braided leather suspender braces are one of our best selling suspenders


buy  Light Tan XL Holdups
or Just 2" wide XL models for $3 more then standard length models

Click for Tan XL Holdups like the Sand Dunes Double-Up style shown here


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