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Classic Holdup Suspenders come in 9 solid colors and a USA flag pattern. They sell for $21.95 and carry a 30 day money back guarantee. All except the basic white model, have a Brown leather X-back crosspatch with Holdup logo and Nickel/Chrome patented no-slip Holdup clips.

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Basic Blue Suspenders 
Basic All White Suspenders 
Basic Dark Grey Suspenders 
Classic Tan Holdup Suspenders
Basic Dark Brown Holdups
Basic US Flag pattern
Basic Dark Green Suspenders
Basic Black Holdups
Basic Burgundy Suspenders
Basic Red Holdups
$21.95 ea.

Classic Holdup Suspenders for 21.95


Classic Series 1 1/2" wide Holdups interactive slideshow below.. click to start viewing Classic clip-on suspender colors and quality details

Classic Holdups in Basic White with white leather crosspatch Classic style Holdup suspenders in basic black color Basic Blue clip-on Holdup suspenders 21.95 Classic dark brown Holdup suspenders 21.95 Dark Brown 1 1/2 Classic x-back Burgundy Holdups with brown leathhter x-back crosspatch Classic Holdups in basic burgundy color Basic dark green Holdup suspenders 21.95 Basic Red Holdups with silver clips 21.95 Classic Holdups in basic bright red Tan Holdups with unique chrome no-slip suspender clips and brown leather crosspatch. basic lighth tan clip on suspenders for 21.95 Basic Tan Holdups clipo onto your pant waistband Classic Holdup in black attach with 4 no-slip clips Nickel plated no-slip clips used in all the classic series Holdups Black 1 1/2 basic black Holdup clip-on suspenders Brown leather x-back logo crosspatch Basic black color in these Classic Serries Holdups Classic tan Holdups sell for 21.95 Nickel plated no-slip clips and length adjusters on these tan classic Holdups Classicsc tan Holdups with brown x-back crosspatch Embossed logo in brown leather x-back crosspatch in all Classic series Holdups Classic dark green Holdups with silver no-slip clips Classic Holdups in basic white colore have white leather crosspatch Classic Series Holdups in basic white 21.95 Classic Holdups with Stars & Stripes USA Flag pattern suspenders sell for 21.95  Nickel plated no-slip clips set these Classic White Holdups apart from the competition

Classic clip-on Holdup suspenders in navy blue look great with Brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver -no-slip clips

Choose from our Single “Finger-Clip” lines with X or Y back and metal clip finish choices or the Dual Clip Double-ups models in same color choices for $10.00 more. We have expanded the wider Jumbo 2x4 Series Holdups to include Plastic Gripper Clasp Outdoorsman and electrician pattern and 2" wide Hip Clip models. Our Specialty Suspenders series include No-Buzz airport friendly models that won't trigger metal detectors, Maternity and undergarment suspenders... plus the Urban Youth thinner shorter styles in solids and fun patterns for fashion savvy girls.

2" wider heavy duty work suspenders with jumbo No-slip clips for 23.95

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Common Features in our Classic Series Holdup Suspenders...

bullet 1 1/2" wide USA made washable suspender straps
bullet Nickel Plated metal no-slip patented clips with locking center pin
bullet Top grade Brown Leather x-back style crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo
bullet 30 day complete 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
bullet Nickel plated length adjuster for fitting men to 6' 2" tall.

Bassic dark blue Holdup suspdners in our classic series for only 21.95

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XL (extra Long) Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) or Black Choices (11)

Also see our Casual Series Holdup Suspenders in 14 Solid colors with choice of Y or X-back style and Gold or Nickel clips for just 5.00 more... click here

Trucker style Hip-Clip series suspenders attach to waistband with just 2 nickel plated no-slip clips... only $21.95 ea.

Undergarment Suspender line...  

Soft USA made elastic fabric straps and the Holdup Patented Gripper clasps make these extra long airport friendly suspenders a hit with frequent travelers



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