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  13 black Holdup Suspenders in a extra long XL 54" length for the Taller and bigger man sell for $3 more then regular length Holdups.

Holdup Suspender Company offers many of our most popular black suspender styles in a eXtra Long version. For years our loyal brand customers asked for a XL (54" verses 48" length) choice ...adjustable for the taller/bigger man. We listened and now offer an XL option on the below black clip-on suspenders in various widths, clip choices and strap finishes. They all cost $3.00 more then standard length models.

Holdup's Casual Series- "ALL BLACK"  men's pant suspenders featuring  Gold plated patented- no slip clips and top grade black leather tabs and X-back crosspatch. These XL Holdups are adjustable to max length of 54 inches for even the tallest men. BUY these "All Black Holdups" for $30.95 in a XL length below.

All Black Holdup suspenders in the 54" longer XL model sell for 30.95 and come in X-back only

ALL BLACK Holdups $30.95model 1210XLG
X-Back Black Logo crosspatch and Gold no-slip clips and length adjuster in 54" XL length:
 Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $30.95 ea.

Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our patented product lines. Now our Big & Tall customers can try a pair of XL black Holdup suspenders that come with 30 day money back guarantee... 

XL dual clip Black Pack Double-up bracesThese 1 1/2" wide casual series black suspenders also come in a dual clip Double-up model called the "Black Pack Double-Up". They sell for $37.95 in the longer 54" adjustable length and have all the standard Double-Up suspender line features. These Dressy XL Double-Ups in black look great at work or play.

Black Pack Double-Ups are offered in a XL 54" longer length for the Big and Tall man needing a great looking suspender for wearing to the office.

Double-Up Black Pack with Y-back Black Leather crosspatch - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips in 54" length
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) Double-Up $37.95
DU- Black Pack part # 5101XLB

  Black Double-Up style Holdups made for the big and tall man sell for 37.95 for XL modelDual Clip Black Double-Ups in a XL version have the Holdup Logo embossed in the Y-back crosspatch and have gold length adjusters to a max 54"

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Need a Wider Heavy Duty Jumbo Clip Holdups in a 54" XL length? Then the below 2" wide XL models are for you. Designed for a Big & Tall 3X type guy these wider and longer Holdup suspenders are made to last. Black top grade  leather X-Back style crosspatch is double stitched and embossed with our company Logo. Below you'll find black 2" wide suspenders adjustable to a length of 54" for the Big & Tall man with either strong composite plastic Gripper Clasps or Black Jumbo metal no-slip clips.  The XL version of our Outdoorsman Series Shadow Black suspenders sells for $26.95.

Buy these XL (extra Long 54") wide work suspenders in "SHADOW BLACK" color for only!! $26.95 ea.

Our most popular selling all black suspender for the big & Tall man.
lineeye_sml.gif (988 bytes)

XL- SHADOW BLACK 2" wide Work Suspenders come with either Jumbo black Metal no-slip clips or The new Patented Black Jumbo Gripper Clasps. Both fit the bigger and taller man with XL 54" extra longer length X-Back crosspatch with metal black Patented no-slip embossed with Holdup Logo in this XL length Shadow Black suspender...

Choose Metal or Plastic Clip Style:

qty:   $26.95 each
54" extra long all black wide suspenders

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Extra Long airport No-Buzz no alarm trip suspenders in black for 24.95

XL NO BUZZ all black Suspenders improved black Plastic gripper-clasp in X-back style and black leather logo crosspatch... 54" long model with 4 gripper clasps
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)  $24.95 ea

Black XL No-Buzz non metalic pant suspenders with patented plastic Gripper Clasps won't trigger metal detectors

See & buy various Holdup suspender models in the XL 54" longer length that sell for $3 more then standard length styles.

1" satin finish TUXEDO BLACK Holdups sell for $3 more then normal length modelSome more Popular Black Holdup styles in XL longer lengths include some dressy formal and office wear models in a satin finish black strap and Gold clips...

Holdups Formal Wear Series- "Tuxedo Black" color suspenders in new narrower 1" width and extra long 54" length. The USA made black fabric has a SATIN sheen on these businessman's suspenders. They look great with a tuxedo or business suit and have a a more tapered black leather clip tab holders and X-back black leather crosspatch to complete the formal look. The top grade black leather tabs and X-back cross patch are double sewn for long lasting wear. Always Up for any type occasion... for only $32.95 for XL version

Extra Long satin finished Tuxedo Black Holdup Suspenders with X-back style and gold no-slip clips for 32.95
XL- Black Satin Tuxedo Suspenders on our  1" wide Formal Series single clip model suspenders in Xtra Long 54" length model. These have X-back styling and Gold finished  no-slip Clips 
 Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95
part # 1209XLG

Black is the preferred XL choice for men's pant suspenders for the Bigger man
Below in the 1" wide Satin finished XL Tuxedo Black suspender in our Dual Clip Double-Up style for $46.95. Big&Tall formal Braces.

Order below with Y-back Black leather crosspatch

Beautiful satin finished black satin tuxedo supenders for the groom or evening wear.

Double-Ups Tuxedo Black satin finished suspender in narrow 1" width and top grade black leather trim. These are the XL model in 54" length
Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips Qty:click here to order these suspenders
Sale price $46.95

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Holdup's 1 1/2" wide Corporate Series-in "Black Sapphire" solid colored men's suspenders with satin finish. These are great for office or casual wear, when you need to make a bold business fashion statement! Designed with an exclusive SATIN finish with 1-1/2" straps, extra long 54" length, and top grade leather BLACK tabs and X-back crosspatch.  XL model sells for $32.95 ea in XL version.

Black Sapphire XL longer black satin 1 1/2" wide straps with Gold no-slip clips and X-back black leather crosspatch
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95

Buy a extra long pair of the dual clip Double-Ups satin finished Black Sapphire suspenders in or Corporate Series and get the traditional look of button-on braces. 1 1/2" satin finished wide strap in XL 54" length.

Extra long 54 inch black suspenders for business or formal wear.

DU-BlackSaphire 8301XLB
black_pack.gif (3887 bytes)
Dual clip Double-Ups

Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips
new XL 54" extra long model for the bigger man
Qty:click here to order these suspenders Black Sapphire $46.95

With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers it's hard to keep them up with just a ordinary belt. These 2 inch wide heavy duty Contractor suspenders are specially designed with wider straps and our exclusive jumbo no-slip clip to assure your Always Up with maximum comfort. Now available in the XL extra long 54" length for the taller -bigger man for $26.95

Black heavy duty suspenders in x-back style
XL- GRAPHITE BLACK Clip Finish: Silver only  Back Style :X-back
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) price $26.95 for XL Version
2" wide with 4 jumbo clips = 2x4 Holdups.


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Holdups "Classic Series" Suspenders are 1-1/2" wide and come in solid colors . These have black leather X-back crosspatch and silver finished clips and adjuster without the leather tab holders like the casual series offer. Now available in the XL 54" length for only $3.00 more. Order these Holdup XL's below for $24.95

Classic Selections

Purchase Securely

Basic Black 1 1/2" wide suspenders in a Extra long Big-n-Tall 54" length
Part# 9901XLS

XL Xtra Long Classic BLACK with silver no-slip clips and X-back crosspatch only

Extra wide HD work suspenders with maximum holding power from Holdup Suspender Co. These Industrial grade heavy duty suspenders come with...


 These are Heavy Duty suspender braces made for really taking on heavy loads for skilled laborers, home builders, cops and those who carry tool-belts on the job and hang stuff off their waistband.


 X-back brown leather crosspatch has bottom portion on the backside made of elastic strap material for comfort and fit. Only the front straps are made from flexible non-elastic fabric.

click to see larger view of these Industrial suspenders in Black
2" wide non-elastic front straps part# 6101XLS

Industrial Series.. click here.

Industrial Black #6101XLS  No-slip Clip Finish is silver with X-back logo embossed crosspatch
Holdup Suspenders for the big man$26.95

New extra long men's pant suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.

See & buy various Holdup suspender models in the XL 54" longer length that sell for $3 more than standard length styles..... Light Tan XL Holdups in 10 style choices in various widths.

Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it! See addition Holdup suspnder styles by following below navigation links.


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Our Most Popular selling XL Holdup clip-on suspenders for the Bigger & Taller Man

These black heavy duty Holdup Industrial working man's suspenders have a 54" XL length option

See & buy our tan Holdup suspender models in the XL 54" longer length that sell for $3 more then standard length styles.... Light Tan XL Holdups or Just 2" wide XL models

XL all black Corportate Series Holdups with satin finished elastic fabric

Black or tan wide Holdup wide suspenders in the 54" extra long style are $26.95

Wider Work and Hunting Holdup suspenders come with Black or Nickel plated metal no-slip jumbo clips or the new Plastic Gripper Clasp in several of style choices...

(800) 700-4515
Order hot line

See & buy 10 choices in  tan Holdup suspender models with XL 54" longer length that sell for $3 more then standard length styles.  Light Tan XL Holdups

Black XL length Holdup suspenders in various styles from $24.95

Choose from our Single “Finger-Clip” lines with X or Y back and metal clip finish choices or the Dual Clip Double-ups models in same color choices for $10.00 more.

We have expanded the wider Jumbo 2x4 Series Holdups to include Plastic Gripper Clasp Outdoorsman and electrician pattern and 2" wide Hip Clip models.

Our E-mail our staff Staff

See & buy tan Holdup suspender models in the XL 54" longer length that sell for $3 more then standard length styles... The 10 Tan models extra long (XL) choices are shown on this page.

Light beige tan Holdups in a variety of styles have longer 54" length straps for the big and tall man
Golden Sand Satin finished Double-Up style Holdups in XL length sell for $46.95

buy  Light Tan XL Holdups
or Just 2" wide XL models for $3 more then standard length models

Click for Tan XL Holdups like the Sand Dunes Double-Up style shown here

XL version of the Sand Dunes Tan dual clip Double-Up suspender sells for 37.95
Light Tan XL Holdups

Single Clip Holdup suspenders with back style and metallic clip finish options include:

  1. Casual Series in 14 solid Colors... $26.95
  2. Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished colors... $32.95
  3. Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $32.95
  4. Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $32.95
  5. Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone patterns in complimentary  colors..... $32.95
  6. Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $32.95
  7. Classic Series are basic Holdups with brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver clips... $21.95

Click here to see and buy the new Brown or black leather Holdup suspender braces

Click here to buy Leather Braided or belt strap Holdup Suspenders for $64.95

Our Specialty Suspenders series include No-Buzz airport friendly models that won't trigger metal detectors, Maternity and undergarment suspenders... plus the Urban Youth thinner shorter styles in solids and patterns.  

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